At Bodywise, we are proud to utilize the finest apparatus in the industry. Hand crafted in the United States by the one and only Gratz Industries


The Universal Reformer

 As harsh as that name sounds, we love us some Reformer around here! And bet that you will too! In effort to get precisely what he wanted out of a client,  Joseph Pilates settled on this very design after rearranging the springs on a hospital bed. The sliding bed part, or carriage, offers spring resistance to both assist and challenge the client. One of the best things about this bad boy is that we get to start our workouts lying down! 



The Wall Unit

This one includes the ever-famous Mat, home to the also ever-famous Pilates Mat Work. Both the foundation and the crown jewel of Pilates, the Mat Work was the first work that Mr. Pilates created. At the end of the Mat lie the springs. Arm springs, leg springs, push through bar, and roll back bar. Scary looking? Maybe a little, but trust us, once you work with the springs, you'll be hooked!



Ladder Barrel

9 out of 10 clients agree,  if they could choose one piece of apparatus to have in their home, this would be the one! The Ladder Barrel is fabulous for making taffy out of you! 



The Wunda Chair

This one has an awesome name. And trust us, it is undoubtedly wundaful! Not to be underestimated though, the Wunda chair was Joe's answer to a home exercise device. And living in a small Manhattan apartment, he knew the value of dual purpose. That's why this apparatus can be turned on its side and pulled up to the the dinner table. Only after your workout of course!

AuthorZachary Dinerstein